Sommer Place 


Sommer Place lies 7 miles south of Dunlap by a gorgeous city park. It offers easy access to major shopping malls and restaurants, as well as the Dunlap District schools, the library and the post office.

The neighborhood has a large year round public park and convenient picnic areas and miles of hiking trails. There are several soccer, baseball fields, public and private tennis courts, a local skateboard park and a little fishing pond. Anyone can easily find something to do in Sommer Place!

This new neighborhood offers a wide variety of housing and several wooded lots for sale. You can choose from luxurious US $500,000+ single family mansions with roofed terrace, private patios and swimming pools to traditional American-or French-style 1 and 2-story houses for as low as US $200,000. In general, Sommer Place features various types of houses with diverse exterior designs and unique interior with the minimum sq. footage of 2,400.

If you are interested in looking at any property in Sommer Place, please, give us a call and we will be happy to arrange the meeting.;

The main home builders of this area are

Lakeside Custom Builders:

P & W Builders, Inc.:

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