Nettle Creek

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Located just 2 miles south of Dunlap, Nettle Creek is sitting among gorgeous century-old trees and picturesque landscape by Leslie Rutherford Park.

The neighborhood offers its residents a leveled, peaceful living with easy access to main business hubs, full-service grocery and retail stores and just a 5-minute drive to major shopping malls and fashion boutiques.

Nettle Creek is considered an upscale Dunlap’s subdivision with spacious luxurious houses. The average house footage starts at 3,000 sq. feet, while prices can be over the 1-million dollar mark.

All of the houses of Nettle Creek are built according to the most recent construction innovations: a stronger roof, a full red brick shell, a fireplace, bay windows, enlarged closets and built-in wardrobes.

The front yards of some houses contain a small earthen berm with beautiful rock landscaping; a longer than usual drive-way and tree-line plantations for privacy and soundproofing.

If you are interested in buying a house or a lot in Nettle Creek, please, give us a call or shoot an email and we will be happy to advice you on your choice!

Major construction companies are:

DEAN custom builders:

Allen Schrock and Sons Inc.:

Lakeside Custom Builders:

P & W Builders, Inc.:

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