Colony Point

Fast growing, vibrant Peoria community, Colony Point is famous for its newly-built spacious houses, beautiful nature and special friendly atmosphere.

Recently incorporated into Peoria’s Metro Area, this charming neighborhood has transformed from a piece of untouched land into a modern American-style area.

Colony Point offers easy access to downtown Peoria, a short drive to Dunlap and close proximity to major business hubs and entertainment centers. In the nearest future plans is the construction of local shopping and dining strip-centers and several playgrounds, sports fields and recreational areas.

Colony Point has several housing options: luxurious single-family mansions and affordable ranch-style homes; old and newly-built; typically- or free-designed.

Today, you can buy 2,800 sq. feet 2-story American-style house for as low as US $200,000. Newly-built houses start at US $380,000. Don’t miss your chance to buy a house of your dream at a reasonable price! Just give us a call at:

The main construction companies in the area are

P & W Builders, Inc.:

MPM HomeCrafters, LLC; (309) 256-3068; 2127 W. Edna Ct., West Peoria, IL, 61604

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