Chadwick Estates 

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Chadwick Estates is another amazing newly-built Dunlap neighborhood. Tucked away from the city noises, Chadwick Estates sits in a gorgeous green valley, just 5 minutes from downtown Peoria.

The neighborhood’s houses and lots are selling out quickly as local developers build important infrastructure at the same time. This gives new residents a great opportunity to enjoy all of the big city’s amenities right, when they move in.

Chadwick Estates has plenty of houses to choose from: luxurious 5-bedroom 2-story single family estates, traditional American-style 2-story homes and full-brick 1-story houses. All of them have at least 2,800 sq. feet, enlarged back yards finished with cozy tree-line plantations. You can buy a modern spacious house for as little as US $400,000. Just give us a call and we will be happy to do some research for you!

If you are interested in buying a wooded lot, Chadwick Estates is the right place to look at. Although the neighborhood is almost complete, there are a few great lots that can become yours today.

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