Bennington Park

Bennington Park is a beautiful newly developing neighborhood located just 2 miles north of Peoria. Surrounded by peaceful city parks, Bennington Park offers close proximity to major business hubs and entertainment centers, easy access to Peoria’s shopping malls and diverse dining.

The neighborhood boasts the best a community near the city can offer: safe, 24-hour patrolled streets, low crime, several elementary, middle and high schools and convenient public transportation services.

Today, you have a great opportunity to buy a fully-built house for as low as US $430,000 featuring unique architectural design with refined European luxury or you can buy a large wooded lot and build the house of your dream!

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Bennington Park’s developers are focused on creating a great living experience for both younger and older generations. In the future plans are the construction of recreational facilities, several shopping areas and children playgrounds.

The main house builders in this area are:

JRE Construction and Landscape Services:

Basso Builders:

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