Peoria Heights


Distance to the General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport: 14 mi
Distance to Peoria: 5 mi
Distance to Chicago: 155 mi
Distance to St. Louis: 170 mi

Peoria Heights is one of the most beautiful suburbs in Illinois. Sandwiched between the city of Peoria on one side and gorgeous Peoria Lake and the Illinois River on the other side, this majestic village of 6,500 residents absorbed the best of the big city world and the seclusion of a smaller town.

Peoria Heights is wallowed in the groves of mighty oaks, birch trees and sparse fur-trees. The nearby lake and the river keep the village cool during the hot summer days and create a light breeze in the evening.

Local residents enjoy an abundant amount of restaurants, Irish pubs, breweries, cafes and delis that can be found at a walk distance anywhere. Shopping malls, business hubs, entertainment and educational centers—you name it.

If you want to see one of the most breathtaking sceneries, welcome to the Observation Tower located in the center of the Tower Park. From the top of the Tower you can enjoy unusual and interesting topography that can rarely be found in the Midwest.

Forest Park Nature Center, Bielfeldt Park, Hillside Park, Woods Park and other smaller city parks have miles of well-off biking and hiking trails that lead you to the riverfront.

Peoria Heights offers quite affordable housing starting at as low as $75,000 for 2-bedroom wood houses. Most of the houses are quite new or recently renovated, with all modern water supplies and electricity cables.

Peoria Heights has incredibly luxurious houses that impress people all over the world by its one-of-the-state unique designs and ornate styles. Multi-million mansions and single-family estates have modern layouts, oversized windows, 3- and more heated parking garages. Additionally, most of the houses have ¾ acre of backyard territory.

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