Germantown Hills

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Distance to the General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport: 24 mi
Distance to Peoria: 11mi
Distance to Chicago:140 mi
Distance to St. Louis: 175 mi

Located just 6 miles apart, the villages of Metamora and Germantown Hills have been developing and growing together. Even today the life of these two wonderful communities is closely tied together. Both residents visit common summer markets, participate in various sports and entertainment events, and share one High School.

Nevertheless, each village has its unique, one-of-a-kind feature, special country-style atmosphere and vibe.

Metamora has transformed from a small German settlement into a well-developed, safe community with just 3,500 residents.

Tucked away from the noises of the big city, Metamora offers to its residents a great variety of entertainment and sports opportunities. This village has rich heritage embodied in its 19th century buildings, gorgeous town square and numerous eclectic style houses. An old-fashioned bandstand attracts Metamora residents during summer evenings with its gentle romantic music. Water fun park, as well as other nature parks invite you to sit on the bench and relax in the shade of the majestic oak trees.

The zest of this village is historic Metamora Courthouse, where Abraham Lincoln, being the local lawyer, was arguing the cases. Local residents take a big pride in living in the same village, where one of the most prominent presidents of America started his great career.

The village gifts its residents and visitors with the amenities of a big city. Metamora has its own outdoor swimming pool with a waterslide, a diving board, lap swim, and kiddie and playground areas. Choose from 12 family-owned and nationwide restaurants, pubs and cafeteria. There is one full-service grocery store, senior care facilities, healthcare services and a lumberyard.

Metamora has various houses for any taste and at any price range. The village boasts spacious brick-and-wood houses with enlarged front territory and back yards. Most of the houses are relatively new or recently renovated, with all the necessary water and electricity supply.

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Located just a short drive from Peoria, the village of Germantown Hills offers leveled living in a smaller and quieter setting. With only 3,500 residents, Germantown Hills transformed from a purely agricultural area into a fast growing bedroom community.

The village today offers to its residents a perfect combination of a small cozy country living and big city’s amenities. Due to Germantown Hill’s rapid growth, there are many diverse shopping and dining areas, a full-service library, a grocery-store and much more.

Germantown Hills offers many great houses options: from inexpensive wooden lots, where you can build a house of your dream, to spacious American-style 5-bedroom, 3-garage brick estates. You will always find something you like in Germantown Hills, as the houses are being built in nearby unincorporated areas as well.

The village’s proximity to Peoria, safe streets, welcoming neighbors and endless outdoor opportunities attract more and more people, who seek an absolutely convenient and healthy lifestyle.

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