Distance to the General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport: 16 mi
Distance to Peoria: 15 mi
Distance to Chicago: 155 mi
Distance to St. Louis: 182 mi

With only 1000 residents and 0.54 sq. mi total area, the village of Dunlap, nevertheless, can be defined as the modern, one-of-a-kind place!

Located north of Peoria in a beautiful green valley, Dunlap recently has attracted new residents due to its relative proximity to major business hubs. The village offers a wide range of houses: from traditional American-style 2-story brick and wood houses to unique state-of-art luxurious mansions. You won’t find a greater selection of value and quality anywhere else in the area!

The distinctive feature of Dunlap is that the new construction is going on here and the territory of the village gets bigger. As the result, you as a buyer have more house options. There are over 30 houses for sale right now! Don’t miss your opportunity to have a house in a gorgeous quiet area!

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Dunlap’s residents enjoy both the seclusion of a small gated community and big city’s amenities. Although Dunlap is just 16-blocks long and has few small family-owned businesses, it still manages to employ most of its residents. There is a fully equipped Dunlap Public library, several restaurants, cafes, local food market, Frye Ultralight Airport, Dunlap Vet Clinic, a high school, 2 middle and 4 elementary schools. The nearest business centers are just a short drive away.

Dunlap has endless outdoor recreational opportunities. There are five major biking and hiking trails going on for miles in the southeastern side of the village. Its tree-lined paths gather people of all ages and interests together.

In spring and fall Dunlap attracts many nature enthusiasts for viewing of migratory birds, such as eagles, Canadian geese, ducks and other waterfowl.

Surrounded by 4 majestic parks with untouched wild life, Dunlap creates this unforgettable relaxing atmosphere: dreaming, contemplating and breathtaking! Take a walk along the paved windy roads, generously decorated with wild flowers and odorous herbs, or simply comfort yourself with the book on the bench under the tree shadow.

Dunlap has everything you might only dream about! Safe, clean, perfect for families with kids! 

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